How I Got One Hermes Birkin 25cm Bag Grey

Meet my new Hermes Birkin 25cm in grey color. The leather is Togo and its much softer than Kelly Epsom one. I love Birkin25 because it fits the right amount of stuff, but still won’t weigh a tone. If you know Birkins, you know they tend to get kinda heavy. I was lucky because many of my friends are already owners of Kellys and Birkins, so I could get to know these bags before buying my own. Inside of it there is a pocket in the front and zipper pocket at the back. At the bottom of the bag it has four silver legs because she is a lady and she doesn’t like to sit directly on the floor – not that I would EVER put it on the floor, both for hygiene and superstition purposes.



It is a perfect summer bag but it also goes so well with grey colors because of grey undertone of it. I can wear it with my beige or black coats and she will add a bit of colour pop up. After all, you know how much I love my all grey outfits with a touch of colour.

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