In terms of versatility, Hermes Lindy will give you a bang for your buck

What I love about the Lindy the most is how different it is compared to other bags. Thanks to its unique shape, it can be carried over-the-shoulder on its flat shoulder strap or looped on your arm through the double handles. Get it in black, grey or tan and you can match an endless variety of outfits. If you want to make a more upscale statement, get it in the bold orange that the Hermés brand is known for.

The popularity of the Lindy can’t compare with the Kelly, Birkin or the Constance, to those who know their handbags well, this is a staple piece easily recognisable from a mile away. To those unsuspecting, I believe this is still a statement piece and a conversation-starter.

For those not too familiar with Hermes’ products, the Lindy is a versatile handbag with a flare of its own. It’s a unique take on how common handbags should look like. It made its first appearance on the runway in 2007. Since then, it’s become an iconic handbag from the House of Hermes.

The design eschews the normal rules of top handles and shoulder bags in favor of a combined structure that felt new at the time and continues to be borrowed by other brands to this day.

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