Hermes Birkin 35 Red Bag On The Ideal Retro Yet Modern

When it comes to colors, Hermès does it best. Though Hermès pinks and blues tend to receive highest values at Auction, I am most strongly drawn to their reds.

That’s right, I’m talking about the Hermes Birkin 35 Red Bag in clemence leather with palladium hardware. This bag was my holy grail for many years, it was the bag I kept telling everyone I dreamed of owning, and it was the bag I was lucky enough to get a few years ago. The first year I owned this bag I wore it sparingly – I was almost afraid of it. But now it has become one of my go-to choices. I am not scared of it, I adore it and use it often. This bag has lived up to many of my expectations.


Perfect gift! Coming full set with keys, lock, clochette, a sleeper for the bag, rain protector, and Hermes box.
Every woman needs a red Birkin, and Rouge Casaque is the ultimate lipstick red.

Who might have imagined that Probably the most coveted objects of recent a long time could well be born from the sky, in 1984, on the flight from Paris to London?
British actress Jane Birkin, sitting close to Jean-Louis Dumas, Executive Chairman of Hermès (1978-2006), was complaining that she couldn’t find a bag suitable for her desires as being a young mom.
A born creator which has a keen eye, he quickly sketched a supple and roomy rectangular holdall by using a burnished flap and saddle stitching.
Having a dedicated Place for baby bottles!

The 2021 Hermes Constance Bag That’s Always Flying Off Shelves

When you think of the most premium, hard-to-get designer bag, the covetable Birkin bag probably comes to mind. While that’s true and it’s one of the key styles people will pay a premium to own, there’s actually another more under-the-radar silhouette in the Hermès family that flies off shelves at the same speed: The 2021 Hermes Constance Green Bag.

The birth of Constance

Constance in French means constancy, in other words perseverance, trustworthiness and being true to yourself: qualities which can all be applied to Hermès. The importance of being Constance…
In 1967, Jean-Louis Dumas asked a fashionable young woman to design a bag for Hermès. The designer was pregnant, so she quite naturally named the bag Constance, after her daughter.
It’s an urban bag with a quietly sporty spirit, a practical and casual bag for women with a confident stride; in short, a bag of its time, a time in which everything is possible.
It’s a bag that is also timeless, the epitome of elegance in movement, a Constance that is passed on from mother to daughter.

This Hermès Constance 22cm(22*6*17cm) bag is featured in the yellow-tone Caramel color and is accentuated by palladium. This bag is made from box calf leather, which is incredibly smooth and has a glossy finish. The “H” closure is made from lizard, which is identified by the (-) symbol in the embossing. This bag is store-fresh and has never been carried.


Perfect proportions

Every Hermès bag is designed from an architectural viewpoint. Rounded within the square, the Constance is a marvel of simplicity and contrast that has fun with its diversity. Constance rounds off its corners, gives its flap suppleness, offers two generous gussets and lets its shoulder strap run free.
The contours of the H-shaped clasp curve gently into the cut-out of the flap; the secret of the Constance is its perfect roundedness.

An arcHitectural clasp

A first! The H makes its debut appearance as an ingenious clasp.
A functional design, it opened and closed with the aid of a spring-loaded mechanism concealed on each side of the bar fixed to the flap.
Well-balanced and standing firmly on its two feet with an intersecting horizontal bar, this H-shaped clasp is homogenous and harmonious. Simplicity itself.

A crucible of sensuality

What explains the aura of sensual mystery surrounding this simple and understated bag? There is the curve of the flap, a gentle curve that catches the light at the tip. There is the lambskin lining, like a caress. There is a roundedness, a key attribute. There is Hermès know-how in saddlery and leatherwork. Yet we must admit the secret of the Constance’s grace is hard to pin down exactly.

The inconstancy of Constance

A timeless bag, the Constance has been reinventing itself for fifty years. Thanks to an innovative system for adjusting the shoulder strap, which slides through its two hasps, we have one bag with two options, true to the spirit of Hermès accessories. It can be worn as desired, over the shoulder, long or short, elegant and practical for riding an electric bike!
The H-shaped clasp has been golden or silvered, lacquered, set with diamonds, covered with enamel, and inlaid with a marquetry of precious stones. The bag has gracefully accepted being made smaller, into mini and micro versions. It has grown bigger in the Élan version, and has been transformed into a satchel.
Would you like it in printed or embroidered leather, in a precious skin, leather and canvas, or silk? Alternatively, to stimulate the imagination, how about the Au Bout du Monde model?

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“Sheltering in Place” with Hermès kelly crossbody bag brown

Hermès is one of the most sought after brands in the luxury handbag market. Sitting in a league all of its own, the elusive luxury brand hides behind a veil of scarcity and exclusivity. Of course, their price tags match up with all that, yet even still, the brand’s bags remain highly beloved and lusted after. Yet, making the leap from being a designer handbag consumer to being an Hermès customer is no easy feat, and getting your hands on the brand’s most recognizable bag—the Hermes Kelly—can be nearly impossible. Of course, when you’re a celebrity, it can be much easier to access even the rarest of bags. Unsurprisingly, the Hermes Kelly bag, which is one of the most iconic and sought-after handbags in the world, was a beloved choice for our favorite handbag-loving stars a decade ago. Check out some of our favorite celebs with their favorite H carries of the past below!

We know that shopping the resale market can be overwhelming, so we’ve gathered info on some of Hermès’ most popular bags in order to help you make a clear, informed choice if you’re looking to purchase a pre-loved piece.
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The Hermes Mini Kelly 19cm Deals for the Weekend of October 17

Once you experience the absolutely impeccable craftsmanship and superb quality of Hermes Kelly Mini 19cm leather , you will always be a BV fan. My first Hermes Kelly Mini 19cm bag was a tote in all white.

Hermès is always classic, its simple silhouettes and excellent quality make for a bag that will last several lifetimes with care.Get more information form hermes online.