“Sheltering in Place” with Hermès kelly crossbody bag brown

Hermès is one of the most sought after brands in the luxury handbag market. Sitting in a league all of its own, the elusive luxury brand hides behind a veil of scarcity and exclusivity. Of course, their price tags match up with all that, yet even still, the brand’s bags remain highly beloved and lusted after. Yet, making the leap from being a designer handbag consumer to being an Hermès customer is no easy feat, and getting your hands on the brand’s most recognizable bag—the Hermes Kelly—can be nearly impossible. Of course, when you’re a celebrity, it can be much easier to access even the rarest of bags. Unsurprisingly, the Hermes Kelly bag, which is one of the most iconic and sought-after handbags in the world, was a beloved choice for our favorite handbag-loving stars a decade ago. Check out some of our favorite celebs with their favorite H carries of the past below!

We know that shopping the resale market can be overwhelming, so we’ve gathered info on some of Hermès’ most popular bags in order to help you make a clear, informed choice if you’re looking to purchase a pre-loved piece.
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